State Independent Living Council

Welcome to the Washington State Independent Living Council (WASILC) home page. We are glad you stopped by.

What is the SILC? The SILC consists of an eleven-person governor-appointed board, an executive director and a part-time executive assistant. The SILC is presently housed in the state's Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Office in Lacey. Most of the individuals on the Council are citizens with disabilities. For additional information on the Washington State Independent Living Council and the Independent Living Community in this state, please take a few moments to read our newsletter.

What does the SILC do? The purpose of the SILC is to promote independent living for persons with disabilities in Washington and to work with the Centers for Independent Living to develop capacity and expand their services. In addition, the SILC monitors, reviews, and evaluates the State Plan for Independent Living (SPIL) .

The goal of the Council is to ensure provision of community-based, consumer-controlled, cross-disability services in compliance with requirements of the Title VII of the Workforce Investment Act of 1988 and in accordance with Independent Living Philosophy.

How was the SILC established? As part of the 1992 amendments to the Federal Rehabilitation Act, each state established a SILC. In Washington, former Governor Mike Lowry, through executive order 04-05, created the Washington SILC.

Emilio Vela, Jr., Executive Director

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