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The Washington State Independent Living Council

Director’s Report

In July, the Council and Centers for Independent Living (CIL) Directors met in Pullman for a day-long summit. Some of the key highlights that came out of that summit are: 

  • A new commitment between WASILC and CIL’s for a collaborative partnership to provide a unified independent living (IL) message and grow the IL networks.
  • Identify shared strategies to coordinate these efforts when appropriate
  • Share developing information and ideas to enhance collaborative efforts
  • Convene an annual summit: Nothing about us without us!!!

We are excited to build a stronger partnership between our organizations so we can better serve Washingtonians with disabilities.

Thanks to strong outreach efforts we are welcoming three new Council members at our upcoming October meeting in Vancouver, WA. Davi Kallman, a Ph.D. candidate studying at Washington State University; Michael Richardson, Director of the ADA Center, and Hannah Langlie, UW graduate/blogger/freelance journalist/Financial Stability Coordinator-AmeriCorps-NorthwestAccess Fund. We are excited to have such a diversity of talent and commitment joining the Council.

In October, we were able to send eleven youth from around Washington state to attend this year’s annual National Youth Conference in Spokane, WA put on by the Association of Programs for Rural Independent Living (APRIL). We were also proud to be the sponsor of the Mentoring Mixer for the Youth Leadership portion of the conference.

At our upcoming quarterly meeting we wanted to “do something different” and decided to open up our “public comment” portion of the agenda to include a panel and engage our guests by posing five questions for public discourse. The purpose of this forum is to gather information and advice from the disability community, service providers, and the public to identify what is working well in Southwest Washington, as well as, identify gaps and barriers.

As part of WASILC’s advocacy and education strategy, the Council will compile a written synopsis of the information discussed. This information will be added to the next State Plan for Independent Living development process, posted on the WASILC website and shared with local and state representatives of SW Washington.

Thank you to all those of you who attended the forum and below is the link to a Survey Monkey feedback form. Please note that this link will be live through Friday, October 27th.

Link to the Panel Discussion and Public Forum Survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/wasilcpublicsurvey

Welcome to the Washington State Independent Living Council (WASILC).

WASILC is a Governor appointed Council that empowers communities through advocacy, leadership, education and collaboration.  WASILC strives to achieve positive and effective solutions by promoting the Independent Living Philosophy.

What is the Independent Living Philosophy?

Independent Living (IL) is a philosophy and a movement of people with disabilities who work for self-determination, equal opportunities and self-respect. IL for people with disabilities means being able to live in the way you choose, with people you choose, and in the community of your choice.  It means having choices about who helps you and the ways they help.  It is about having control over your day to day life.

What is the WASILC?

As part of the 1986 amendments to the Federal Rehabilitation Act, each state needed to establish a State Independent Living Council (SILC).  In Washington, former Governor Mike Lowry created the Washington SILC through Executive Order 93-04. Subsequently, the original Executive Order was amended by Governor Gary Locke in 2004.  The WASILC currently operates under Executive Order 04-05.

The WASILC consists of an eleven person governor-appointed Council, an Executive Director, an Executive Lead, and a Project Specialist.  WASILC is presently collocated with the Washington State Rehabilitation Council (WSRC) Office in Lacey, Washington.

The goal of the Council is to ensure Washington State delivers IL services that are community-based, consumer-controlled, and for all disabilities.  WASILC advocates for these services to be in compliance with requirements of the Title VII of the Rehabilitation Act while acting in accordance with the IL Philosophy.




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