State Independent Living Council

Council Member: Mark Leeper

Mark is the founding CEO of Disability Action Center - NW, Inc. (DAC), a private, nonprofit run by and for people with a disability created in 1992 to provide independent living advocacy and support for people with any kind of disability at any age. Mark helped start the organization due to his own personal experience with disability and working directly with people with a disability within the philosophy of independent living as practiced at consumer run centers across the country. Mark has worked with local and national leaders to further the philosophy of consumer control over services and equal access in communities. He has received national training on the Americans with Disabilities Act, completed 40 hours of mediation training focusing on the ADA, and has then provided training to businesses, state and local governments, and people with a disability in various locations across the country, and locally in the northwest. His work now includes introducing the BluePath project of the Northwest ADA Center to build positive relationships with businesses and others to further compliance with the ADA. Mark brings over 25 years of experience to the table and continues to advocate for improved services through education and better cooperation among providers.

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