State Independent Living Council

Council Member: Almir Trejo

Almir was born in Boulder, Colorado, in 1994 and lived in Bosnia when he was six years old with his father’s family. He and his mom moved back to Colorado after two months of being in Bosnia because disabilities were seen as a curse to the family. Almir is the youngest member of the Council. He graduated from Foss High School in Tacoma with a desire to continue his education in finish carpentry. He is currently attending Clover Park Technical College, and working on a certificate in residential construction.

Almir was born with Cerebral Palsy but doesn’t let it interfere with any dreams he pursues as a carpenter and an advocate for people with disabilities. One of his goals in life is to become a master carpenter and construct pieces to raise funds for disability advocacy. He enjoys participating in his church youth group, traveling with his sister Nina to all her acting auditions, and spending time laughing and talking with his brother Kevin. His father Kurt and mother Leticia are proud of Almir’s involvement in the Council and always encourage him to be himself.

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